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Some people’s homes are so fabulous and unique that they wonder: “Can I make money by renting my apartment / house to a production company?” There’s no guarantee, but it’s worth a shot. Here are the steps to take.

Register with an Agency

Registering with a location agency is the first step. They need to make sure your property is suitable for production work. You have to send in some images of your house or apartment along with details. If the agency approves your property, they’ll ask you for more images and send you a document with terms and conditions.

Ideally, you’d have a professional take photos of your property. There shouldn’t be any children or pets in the pictures. We recommend sending the agent a full complement of images. They will need images of each and every place in your apartment or house, including cellars, ceiling spaces, even outhouses.

From there, the location agency will send images and details of your property to clients if it fits a film or photo shoot brief. Don’t worry – location agencies don’t disclose the physical address of your property online. If your property provokes interest, the agent will get more information about the project and ask you if you would want your home to appear in it.

Before filming can commence, the filmmaker or production company will have to provide public liability insurance. If the shoot is confidential, you will have to sign a filming agreement with the filmmaker or production company.

Signing the filming agreement is pretty much the last step. With secret shoots, you’d need to stay away from the location. This is likely if a major film is being made. Directors don’t want any details of a high-budget production leaking.

Homeowners typically give the key to the filmmakers, who bring it back after they have locked up, if the owner is not living in the house or flat at present.

Final Thoughts

Always look for legitimate location agencies if you’ve decided to rent your home to production companies. You don’t want people claiming to be filmmakers showing up at your door. If you don’t have a good feeling about the company or you do not feel comfortable with the film they’re planning on making, just say no. All discussions end there. Nobody will find out the location of your flat or house unless explicitly agreed on between you and your agent.