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5 Big Issues with Renting Your Home for a Porn Shoot

Any porn enthusiast would love a chance at making their home the setting for a hot new porn flick. You can take pride in knowing that your home has the perfect ambiance to get porn stars in the mood. You can even be there to watch as the movie is filmed!

As exciting as the prospect may be, you may encounter some issues when you rent out your home to a porn production company. Below are some of the biggest issues that might make you change your mind.

Porn takes a long time to shoot.

Did you know that your favorite 10-minute porn video was shot in a span of several hours? While many porn studios already have a basic plot for their film, shooting the film can take up to 14 hours. This includes setting up the equipment and arranging the furniture the actors need. On top of that, the director needs to shoot all the best angles for maximum impact. All these angles need at least a handful of takes to perfect.

Porn stars also need to take breaks. Some scenes require the actors to hold awkward positions in order to get the best angle. This can result in sore muscles that require the actors to stop and recoup for a while. Another issue is that male porn stars can’t be expected to hold an erection for too long. They need to take regular breaks to recover before they can get back into the shoot.

Your house can literally get dirty.

Porn production companies are well aware of the mess. Sure enough, the cleaners immediately take care of any mishaps to the best of their ability. They will also scrub your place clean once the shoot is finished. However, you need to live with the fact that someone’s body parts and fluids were all over your home. While no trace remains, the idea that these fluids were once all over your things can be quite unsettling.

People may recognize your home in a porn film.

Depending on how proud you are of your affiliation with porn, this may or may not be something you’re proud of. Many big porn companies rent hotel rooms or entire apartments for their porn shoot to avoid this problem. However, those who specialize in amateur porn prefer to shoot in homes that look lived-in. This gives the film a homier feel that some audiences prefer.


Porn companies may try to make their sets as neutral as possible. However, it only takes one friend with a keen eye to recognize your home. This might not be an issue if you don’t mind letting people know that you rent out your house to porn productions. However, some people may prefer not to come over if they know about what goes on in your place.

On top of that, your neighbors might not be keen on the idea of having a porn shoot so close to their home. In fact, if your homeowner’s association is against porn or commercial shoots in general, it may be enough to get you heavily penalized.

Having your favorite porn stars over at your home may seem like a dream come true, but only if you can handle the potential issues. That’s why you should consider these problems before you think of renting out your home for a porn shoot!